Redefining Standards

Redefining Standards

Our focus is you, the customer. In today's volatile foreign exchange markets, it is imperative that you have the tools and knowledge to manage that exposure. Dolarex provides each customer with a tailored experience. We build trust and confidence by keeping our promises, being fair and equitable to our clients and employees, and by maintaining high standards of business ethics, conduct and corporate responsibility.

What sets Dolarex apart from other FX wholesalers is a team comprised of professionals with experience not only in foreign currency exchange, banking, finance, and trading, but also with a vast knowledge of emerging markets and regulatory law.

Our strategic positions within various FX markets, as well as the use of our automated platform to deliver financial services, permits us to offer foreign currency products at lower prices than our competitors. Dolarex has a flawless reputation of providing our customers the best tools and resources for their success in global markets. Our unique model for wholesale currency exchange services, low exchange rates, unprecedented customer care, and competent trade executions allows us to consistently deliver a quality trading experience.

Just some of the benefits of working with Dolarex for your wholesale currency exchange needs include:

  • Great customer service;
  • Competitive exchange rates;
  • Purchase and sale of currencies;
  • Import and export of currencies;
  • Trading in a variety of currencies;
  • Multiple payment options;
  • Delivery services available within 12-48 hours, five days a week;
  • Fast, convenient delivery through third party armored transportation or wire transfers;
  • Fully insured delivery and collection services;
  • Stringent anti-fraud business practices to ensure fraud-free transactions;
  • Certificate of authenticity provided for all currency exchange services.

Dolarex was founded to provide efficient wholesale FX services and we take pride in providing fair and transparent pricing and an excellent customer experience. We look forward to assisting you with your foreign currency needs.