Wholesale Banknote Foreign Exchange

Wholesale Banknote Foreign Exchange

We at Dolarex excel in wholesale banknote trading, which is a specialized business due to the need to hold physical commodities, as well as transport them between counterparties. Dolarex employs a knowledgeable and experienced staff in the wholesale banknote industry. We have the capacity to obtain and deliver all major currencies to our customers. We efficiently manage our trading desk, compliance and legal standards, as well as the physical inventory including storage, transportation and delivery. Dolarex has long partnered with trusted armored transportation companies to ensure prompt and safe delivery of customer's banknotes.

Using our wholesale banknote services, customers will benefit from the following:

  • Simple Order Process
  • Preferential Exchange Rates
  • No Commission
  • Efficient and Cost Effective Solution
  • Foreign Currency Availability and Access
  • Customer Service and Personalized Support
  • Secure and Fast Delivery

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