Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

The foreign exchange (FX) market is the biggest financial market in the world and facilitates international trade by enabling businesses and individuals to perform transactions and partake in commerce outside their local country and currency.

Liquidity and Market Size

Liquidity in the FX market is the highest among other financial markets in the world. The market is comprised of central banks, currency speculators, organizations, governments, retail investors and international investors.

Over the years, the size of the FX market has been constantly increasing. In 2010, The Triennial Survey by the Bank of International Settlements reported that the overall size of the foreign exchange market/total daily turnover in the worldwide foreign exchange market was $3.98 trillion per day. This was a large increase from the 1.7 billion dollar turnover recorded in 1998. Global foreign exchange turnover increased 21%, from $3.3 trillion per day (2007) to rounded $4 trillion per day (2010).


Market Growth